Friday, March 10, 2006

Day 5 10-03-06

Another metro station. They seem to play an important role in my existence at the moment. I have to take the metro every day to get to my Spanish class. Besides that I also have to take a minibus. In the morning going down is no problem. Coming back in the afternoon was more of a problem today. I got onto a bus that seemed to have the same destinations behind the windshield. It's not easy to decipher when the thing is speeding at you. Well it brought me to a whole new area of the city I hadn't previously seen. When it got really raunchy I got of and jumped on a bus going in the opposite direction. That one took another totally new route that brought me to a metro station 2 stops down the line. So I had to backtrack by metro and try a new bus again. This time I got on the right one that got me home all right.


myrtho said...

i like this pic can you tell me what is the technic to get such pic when all is moving i just start to learn a bit of photographie by miself and your work is a great school

Myrtho, from paris france

aphotoaday said...

hi myrtho
It's very easy. just use a long shutterspeed (1/30 sec) and hold your camera very still. Because the train is moving so fast it will be blurred. The people were standing still,so they're sharp. But if you look closely you'll see that the picture is not so sharp, because it's hard to avoid moving the camera a little.
Good luck with your photography,