Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 22 27-03-06

Today we went down to the Llanos, the lowlands of Colombia. I was still quite sick, so the 3 hour drive down the winding road was a nightmare for me. We got up at 4am after a miserable night with hardly any sleep for me. We met several ex-guerrillas again and interviewed a kidnapping victim as well.

The lady in the top photo is a desplasado, an internal refugee. Colombia is the country with the highest number of internal refugees in the world. They flee for violence in their own region and end up in slums in an other part of the country. This woman managed to buy a small house in a new housing project for refugees. A local organisation helped her finance it.

In the bottom image, Jeroen interviews an ex-FARC member, his former `employer´is one of the reasons there are so many desplesados in this country...

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