Sunday, April 01, 2007

28-03-07 Amsterdam

Hare Krishan Singh doing Blue Steel. This is a picture from a shoot I did together with Johannes Abeling.


One of the bigger diamond companies in Amsterdam.

20-03-07 Amsterdam

An 80.000 Euro diamond.

17-03-07 Amsterdam

Our new Minister of Development Cooperation, Bert Koenders (l) gets the first copy of the booklet 'Overleven Verplicht' about he politiacal and social situation in El Salvador 25 years ago and now, which contains several of my photos. On the right is the president of the VPRO tv station and former teacher of mine, Peter Schrurs.

08-03-07 Haarlem

Safety training for journalists in warzones. With 15 collegues and some Dutch troops I had two days of fun in the Dutch forests. Some well respected fellow photographers having fun:
Jeroen Oerlemans
Dirkjan Visser
Leonard Faustle

Trying to keep my camera clean.