Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 83 28-05-06

And some people take a totally different mode of transport. Like these guys that race down the hilly Boyaca on skateboards. On sunday, the Boyaca, the expressway that runs along the northside of the city is closed for all motorised trafic.

Day 82 27-05-06

Because of the cheap gas here (around 4 Euro-cents per litre) the country is flooded with gasguzzling 4wd's. Not everyone can aford that type of car though.

Day 81 26-05-06

Back in Caracas I get to enjoy the benefits of this city once more. Like watching taxi's. For reasons still unknown to me, taxi drivers generally refuse most rides. So all the time you see people, like this woman, negotiating with a driver just to see him drive off again after a minute or so. this was her 3rd try and this one finally accepted her.

Day 80 25-05-06

Back home. and after 5 nights in busses and 3 nights in hammocks, on a boat, I don't feel like getting up anymore to take a photo, today.

Day 79 24-05-06

Goldminers coming home from their work in the mines near el Dorado, just north of the Gran sabana in Venezuela.

Day 78 23-05-06

The harbour of Manaus.

Day 77 22-05-06

The Amazon from the air.

Day 76 21-05-06

And many hours downriver they still rely on the good old radio.

Although people here generally stick to chatting with their neighbours.

Day 75 20-05-06

Internet in the jungle. The small internet cafe with 4 computers runs on solar power and a satelite link.

Dia 74 19-05-06

The river Tapajos, a tributary of the Amazon. We'll be cruising this river for the next 3 days. The two rivers join near the town of Santarem.

Dia 73 18-05-06

Welcome to Manaus.

Day 72 17-05-06

The king of onions. Very logical name for a vegetable shop on the border of Venezuela and Brasil.

The landscape between the border and the first town in northern Brasil: Boa Vista.

Day 71 16-05-06

Life on the garbage dump of Ciudad Guayana in East Venezuela. Indigenous tribes try to make a living by sorting garbage. Many children join in the work. I'll publish the whole series on my other website soon.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 70 15-05-06

The life of a commuter in Caracas.

Day 69 14-05-06

Today I feel a bit like these guys. I have a hangover and only want to hang around a little. Well, at least I don't have a shop to attend to...

Day 68 13-05-06

Today I hoped for a nice sunset too, but no luck this time.

Day 67 12-05-06

Nice sunset today

Day 66 11-05-06

Plaza Venezuela in central Caracas. In the central tower I had my Spanish classes. In front, a bus that provides medical services to homeless people for whom this place is a popular hangout.
I went to book a ticket for a long distance bus service to the east of the country. I was totally stunned to see this environmentally friendly solution at the busstation. Millions of ancient gasguzzlers from the states pollute the air here to an unbearable level, (one liter of petrol is about 4 Eurocents) but this buscompany decided to divert their exhaustfumes away from their customers. I wonder where the fumes ultimately go though.

Day 65 10-05-06

Because of the horrible rush hour trafic in Central Caracas you see these mini taxis everywhere. But I've rarely seen one with a passenger. Perhaps that also has to do with the horrible rush hour trafic? She's doesn't seem to be bothered by the trafic...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day 64 09-05-06

Back in Caracas. The highway between the coast and the city has collapsed once more. A few months ago one of the main bridges collapsed (photo). They built a temporary road and now it seems that part of this new construction didn't survive the first rains of the season. I had to take the old road through the mountains and the barrios.

Day 63 08-05-06

A view from the big rock at El PeƱol. Locals claim the rock (a monolith like Ayers Rock in Australia) is said to be the second largest in the world).

Day 62 07-05-06

So I did some horsbackriding again, it's becoming an addiction I guess. And a little bamboobush at the start of the ride (I didn't bring my camera on the ride).

Day 61 06-05-06

On our way to Santa Fe de Antiochia we encountered this landslide. The road was completely blocked and rubble kept sliding down. Since we didn't fancy a 3 hr detour we had to turn back to Medellin. So I never got to see the fabled town. They say it's the rainiest rainy season in 20 years here. Almost every road we've taken in the past week had in rocks and mudstreams in places, altough none as big as this one.

Day 60 05-05-06

It looks like I wasn't the only one surprised by the record in the rubbishbin. But, this guy was just enjoying his conversation on a streetcorner in Medellin.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 59 04-05-06

A dreary, rainy day in the tropics. So I stayed indoors most of it. A view from the terrace at some other people working.

Day 58 03-04-06

Roadworks in Central Medellin.

Day 57 2-5-06

I flew to Medellin today and totally forgot to take a picture!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day 56 1-5-06

Our accomodation this weekend, just before we left, to return to the concrete jungle of Caracas.

Day 55 30-04-06

Today we took a Lancha (small local fishingboat) to one of the more distant beaches of Choroni. Unfortunately it was even more crowded there than on Playa Grande. Beautiful anyway, though a little windy. On the top photo a morningview of Choroni. On the left in the dark the Malecon (boulevard) in the centre is Playa Grande (right of the tripple peak) and past the furthest mountain is playa Cepe where we were today. The bottom photo is the Malecon seen from the sea when we returned during sunset.

Day 54 29-04-06

One of the favorite passtimes of Venezuelans at the beach. The only thing missing in the picture is a bottle of Polar Ice (local beer). But the woman on the right actualy has one in her hand. Unfortunately out of view.

Dia 53 28-04-06

After a long hot drive with hours of traficjams we got to our wonderful house in Choroni, one of the most favorite beachtowns of Venezuela.