Monday, September 17, 2007

11 september 2007

Hairsalon in Lhasa.

10 september 2007

Kid on a market in Lhasa

09 september 2007

No comment

08 september 2007

Modern life of Chinese youngsters in Lhasa is much the same as in any major city in China. Through internet they keep in contact with their friends in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzen.

07 september 2007

Buddhist monks in the Sera Monastery near Lhasa practice their debating skills.

Friday, September 14, 2007

06 september 2007

Tibetan religious pilgrims trying to support their living while circling the Potala.

05 september 2007

Religious symbols in Tibet are covered in white shawls. to me it looks like something diferent on this monument.

04 september 2007

Tibet, nowadays consists of chinese cities with a few Tibetan tourist atractions.

03 september 2007

Thousands of Chinese tourists flock to Tibet nowadays.
And they all come to see a glimpse of the few Tibetan monks that are left since the Cultural Revolution.

02 september 2007

Crossing the second 5200m high pass in Tibet.
And this girl lives here.

01 september 2007

Actually, sunrise on the 2nd of sept. My first glimpse of the Mount Everest (left) seen from the northern side. My first day in Tibet.

31 august 2007

another temple in Kathmandu