Thursday, February 07, 2008

19 january 2008, San Bernardo Beach

This is where I woke up this morning. (I was standing with my feet in the sea when I took this picture).

18-01-08 Monteria

No this is NOT a marihuana plantation. This farmer walks through his yucca (cassava) plantation. Yucca is one of the staple foods of Colombia.

16 january 2008, Medellin

Santo Domingo Savio used to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Medellin not more than 5 years ago. The local authorities have invested heavily in infra-structural improvements and housing projects. The change is impressive. The weather is still great, as always in Medellin.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

09-01-2008, Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena skyline.

06-01-08 Ayapel, Colombia

A nice holiday. Click on the photo for more pictures.

31-01-2007 Medellin, Colombia

At midnight the Muñeco is set to fire (with the help of a lot of petrol). Finally the fireworks in the doll make for a spectacular 'grand finale'.

30-12-2007 Medellin, Colombia

In Colombia the old year is finished with the burning of a Muñeco de Año Viejo (An old year's doll). It's supposed to represent some one disliked in the past year. This year Piedad Cordoba was a popular Muñeco. She's a Colombian Politician that has become good friends with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela over the pat months.