Tuesday, December 18, 2007

08 december 2007, Weeze, Germany

Entertainment for the Polish that come to the Netherlands to work. They live on an old RAF base on the border with Germany and Holland.

07 december 2007, Wroclaw, Poland

Late for an appointment in Wroclaw (Breslau).

06 december 2007, Opole, Poland

A lonely mother in the Polish countryside. Her husband works in Austria and her only son in the Netherlands. She travels every day by bus to her work in Opole one hour away.

05 december 2007, Brüssow, Germany

Older skilled technicians are getting a new future in Polish companies that are moving their factories to East Germany. Polish workers are working in West Europe so companies in Poland have serious problems finding skilled laborers.

27 november 2007, Villiers le Bel

Damage caused by rioters last night in the Parisian suburb, Villiers le Bel. The riots started after 2 kids died in a collision between their motorbike and a police car.

27 october 2007, Bahrain

The new World Trade Center of Bahrain.

24 october 2007, Agra

My first view of the Taj Mahal.

23 october 2007, Jaipur

Young Indian tourists in Jaipur.

22 october 2007, Jaipur

A different world just above the roofs of the bazar in Jaipur.

17 october 2007 Kerela


13 october 2007, Madurai

Find the pet.

Monday, December 17, 2007

12 october 1007

Making bidi's (small cigarettes) in Kalugumalai.

11 october 2007, Madurai

Happy kids

10 october 2007, Bangalore, India

Learning handicrafts is a way for former prostitutes to make a living without going back to the sex industry.

09 october 2007 India

Biology class in Mathagondapalli in Tamil Nadu in South India. (drawing a cockroach).

07 october 2007 Pokhara


2 october 2007

Maoist flag in Lukla, starting point of the Everest Base camp Trek.

1 october 2007

This is how you vote in the elections in Nepal.

30 september 2007

The top of the skull of a Yeti, the legendary abominable snowman. In the small monastery of Kumjung in the Nepalese Himalaya the monks guard this so called proof of the existence of the Yeti. It looks more like the skull of a yak with Down's syndrome to me.

29 september 2007

Buddhist temple in Tengboche