Monday, May 04, 2009

28-04-2009 Cafoa

Vakaga state in the north east of the Central African Republic only has a few schools with stone buildings. Most students go to class in cane huts with thatch roofs. The French NGO Triangle is trying to build 20 new school buildings this year in the state. Problem is that in the rainy season that lasts from May to Oct. most roads in the area are impassable which will seriously hamper the construction efforts.

27-04-2009 Boura

French blue helmets patrolling the weekly market of Boura, the biggest market in the north eastern region of the Central African Republic. The borders with Chad and Sudan are not far away.

26-04-09 Birao

The catholic church of Birao still shows the signs of heavy fighting in 2006 when rebels took the town. The FACA, the national army quickly responded with the aid of the French army and retook control of the town. The French still have a base here, though now under the flag of the UN peace troops. On sunday morning many of the French soldiers come to mass here.


Sam Ouandja, a refugee camp of Darfuri refugees in the east of the Central African Republic. Internally displaced people in Central Africa mostly flee into the bush, where they have to fend for themselves.