Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 90 04-06-06

'El Castillo del Cacao', the Matagalpa chocolate factory of a Dutch entrepreneur in Nicaragua. One of his sons is playing in the garden.

Day 89 03-06-06

After finishing the day's batch of chocolate, the employees of the chocolate factory in Matagalpa get to taste one of the new products, a finer refined type of chocolate.

Day 88 02-06-06

I'm here for a story on chocolate, so we drove to the cacao region in the 'wild east' of the country. We had to stop here at the shop of the cousin of our host, the cacao farmer. He mixed us a curious drink of locally brewn liquor, lime juice and cinamon. Tasted surprisingly good!

Day 87 01-06-06

We stopped for lunch in a small restaurant not far from Leon in the north of Nicaragua when I noticed this framed poster of New York. Is that art?

Day 86 31-05-06

Daniel Ortega is running for president again in Nicaragua. The elections will be at the end of the year, but the country is already covered in political grafitti and posters.

Day 85 30-05-06

Travelday, flew to Nicaragua today, so the only image I got is of my kitsch hotel bathroom.

Day 84 29-05-06

Kindergarten graduation, a big day in the life of a Venezuelan youth.