Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 89 03-06-06

After finishing the day's batch of chocolate, the employees of the chocolate factory in Matagalpa get to taste one of the new products, a finer refined type of chocolate.


buket said...

what a fantastic area here!
the photos r fantastic
and photographing sounds more interesting with the work u created.
so u take these photos while u r travelling?
so where were the photos on the days before 60th day of ur journey taken?

aphotoaday said...

Hi, I´m glad you like the photos. On day 60 and a few days before I was in Medellin, Colombia. Before that I was in Choroni, a small beachtown, a 3 hr drive west of Caracas in Venezuela. A paradiselike place when it´s not too crowded.
I am based in Caracas right now, but I´m away most of the time on assignments in other parts of Latin America. The photos here are more personal. On my other website I publish some of my professional work.